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Pride In Quality

Our main sources of inspiration are the desire to tap into the traditional side of golf, inspired by Scottish Tartan mixed with a locally made twist and a moody colour palette drawn from beautiful landscapes all around the world. Every piece is made to last in your golf bag, with a focus on craftsmanship and quality. We pick and source all of our fabrics personally from a range of different suppliers and use a wool blend fabric to keep a natural water resistance and longevity of fabric. The tactile nature of the fabrics adds a touch of luxe to any bag.

About Mackem golf

Origin of the Name

Co Founder Adam is from Sunderland in the UK where people are known as Mackem’s. One of the stories was that the name came from the shipbuilding industry in the early 1900s, people from Sunderland would make the ships, they were then taken away to get engines fitted. With the North Eastern accents, we would “mack ’em”, they would “tak ’em”. Eventually the Mackem stuck.

Why did we pick it? Because we make the head covers for you to take and enjoy.

Make Putts, Make Birdies, Make Memories, Make a day of it!

Mackem Golf Headcover
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