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women lining up putt on golf course

Golf Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day

At times mothers can be head to buy for, whether they don’t give you a hint or they say “Oh I don’t want anything”. Well, we are here to give your mum the gift she needs for Mother’s Day, something golf-related! Whether she is a weekend warrior or tears up the course every day of […]

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three golfers on a fairway in the distance

Golf & Mental Health – Good For your Body, Mind & Soul

At Mackem Golf, we want to promote healthy mental health habits. This means different things for different people. However, if you’re here, that means you like to chase a little white ball around some fields for a few hours. Just like the rest of us.  Golf can be a frustrating sport, but the health benefits of […]

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The Best Public Golf Courses In Perth

Perth is blessed with a number of great public golf courses that cater to a wide range of golfer. From those who just want to enjoy a relaxing weekend round, to those wanting to test their skills and their handicap. We have been lucky enough to play most of them and we’ve put together a […]

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golf green between trees at Alston Golf Course

Alston Moor Golf Club Review

Alston Moor Golf Club is a small and friendly golf course in the middle of the North Pennies, an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. It’s the highest golf course in England at a height of 1476 feet (450m) above sea level. Alston is a small town in Cumbria, England, with a little more than 1000 […]

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golf books on coffee table

Our Favourite Golf Books For Your Coffee Table

You probably already have all your essentials for the golf course, but what about off the course? If you’re like us, you love browsing through a good golf book when you can’t be out playing. Golf coffee table books offer an insightful, entertaining look at the game, make an excellent conversation starter, serve as decor with […]

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Golf Architecture book

Our Must Read Golf Architecture Books

Looking to expand your golf library for days when you can’t hit the course? We have put together the list of our top 10 best golf architecture books. These reads are as entertaining as they are educational and will help you deepen your understanding of the sport and what goes into the design and construction […]

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isle of skye golf course review

Isle Of Skye – Golf Course Review

There’s something about playing a links course on an island that just makes the soul sing. Earlier this year, the Mackem Golf team managed to get a round in at the Isle of Skye Golf Club. We traveled around Scotland in a campervan and a stop off for a quick 9 holes seemed like just […]

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golfer with clubs

How To Clean Your Golf Clubs

Many of us study how to improve our game or increase swing speed, but it is also crucial to learn how to clean golf clubs. But what is the best way to clean golf clubs? And how often should golf clubs be cleaned? We’ve put together the only guide you need on how to keep […]

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why use a golf headcover

Why You Should Use Golf Headcovers

Have you ever grabbed your driver out of your bag and noticed it had a new scratch? Or reached for a fairway wood and realised it had dirt dried onto the clubface? Golf clubs are an investment and there are many benefits to keeping them protected. One of the easiest ways to protect your golf […]

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golf bag essentials

Essentials For Your Golf Bag

Whether you’re a regular on the course or new to the game, you’ll need more than golf clubs and a golf ball to get out on the course. Having the right golf accessories in your bag can help you stay focused and prepared throughout your round, no matter what the course or the weather throws […]

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