Adam Brown

Adam Brown - Co-Founder

I’m Adam, co-founder of Mackem Golf. From an early age, I had a passion for sports, whether it was golf or football, something about the competition to get better spoke to me. As I grew older, it went more from winning to just enjoyment and who I played the games with.

I played weekly in my teens with my dad, having golf lessons once a month to try to conquer my slice. I am still battling it to this day. I did take a long break from the game, only ever hitting the range, never the course after I moved back to the UK. In early 2020 I moved back to Perth and picked up my brother’s set of Pings and headed back to the range to find the magic. I was hooked and the obessession with collecting of golf clubs began again.

I can be a numbers geek, as my golf coach knows too well! When I get the chance to get on a trackman I am all about the numbers, does it help me? Probably not, but it’s good to see progress!

At the end of a round I try to focus on the positives, think of the best 5 shots from the round and make a note of the one thing I need to work on. Practice is key.

I want to share my experiences, knowledge, and passion for golf. That’s why I started Mackem Golf, I wanted to show my style and my take on this game. We all play it differently, we all swing our swing, but more importantly, we play it because we love it.

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